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June 21-22  |  New York City


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Digital Signage Solutions for Architects

Digital Building Directories

  • easy to update and keep tenants and visitors informed
  • remote management, saving managers time and money
  • customizable messages to personalize visitors experiences
Building Directory Software
Digital Signage

Corporate Offices

  • Update the look and feel of the building
  • Display company news and emergency alerts 
  • Show upcoming events to drive attendance

School and College Campuses

  • Show school announcements, news and events
  • Share emergency messages to keep students safe
  • Celebrate students successes by showcasing achievements

You're in Good Company

Over 50,000 screens across 30 countries trust the Mvix Digital Signage platform.

We have helped companies build compelling digital signage networks for informing, educating, entertaining and socializing with audiences.

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